Emily Esme Farrugia

September 30, 2019

Emily is of Maltese Australian heritage, and heads the vanguard of rising stars in Middle Eastern dancing in Australia.

By the age of 20, Emily’s accomplishments in the art have been truly staggering, receiving not only national recognition for her dedication to ongoing learning, but also multiple international awards for her captivating performances.

Travelling annually to Egypt, Emily has already undertaken prolonged studies in Egypt with master teachers of modern classic oriental dance, Randa Kamel and Aziza, the current principal dancer of Egypt’s Folklore Reda Troupe, Doaa Salaam, and the late Nagwa Sultan, of Egypt’s beloved Goldern Era.

On Australian shores, Emily’s professional career as a dancer has been underpinned by studies since the age of 12 with Brisbane’s Soul Dance School of Middle Eastern and Romany Dance where she has undergone intensive instructor-training in principal Margaret Cunningham’s teaching methodology and curriculum.

In addition, Emily has completed her teacher-training certificate with Egyptian Master, Doctor Mo Geddawi and has achieved Levels 1 and 2 in the internationally acclaimed course “Journey Through Egypt” with Sahra Kent, solidifying cultural and ethnological foundations in Egyptian dance. Emily currently teaches ongoing beginner to advanced level classes at Soul Dance, in Brisbane’s north.

As a performer, Emily continues to delight her audiences whether they be in the restaurant setting, weddings, multicultural celebrations or gala dance events. Her dance exudes authentic Egyptian technique and character; dynamic and commanding one minute, soft and alluring the next.

Workshop: ‘From hips to Stance, Learn all things Bellydance’ 

Join Emily in a two part workshop learning some of the basic foundational moves of classical “Rak Sharqi”, known in the west as Bellydance. In the first part she will go through the technique, posture and movements commonly found in bellydance. In the second part Emily will teach you fun choreography that could be the start of your new found love of bellydance!