Program of Events Workshops

In 2023, as always, we have a variety of workshops to suit all interests. In addition to Creative Workshops, each of our guest speakers and entertainers hold workshops over the weekend. Time to get planning! See below what workshops we have available over the weekend. No need to book into these, check your printed program on arrival for times and locations of each workshop and just turn up!

Brooke Hanson

Workshop: Unlocking Your Inner Drive: The Path to Self-Fulfillment and Success

In this empowering workshop, Brooke will explore the essential principles of self-compassion, motivation, purpose-driven living, and unwavering determination. Discover the keys to achieving not only external success but also profound self-fulfilment. Through a series of engaging activities and discussions, you will embark on a journey to harness your inner potential and create a roadmap for personal and professional success.

Check out Brooke’s bio and keynote presentation HERE.

Dalene Wray

Workshop: How to lead and be led by progressive women

Throughout this workshop Dalene will walk participants through tips for early to mid-career woman on not only leading woman bit also how to engage effectively with leaders and capitalise on opportunities for their businesses. Whilst confidence is difficult to gain and easily to lose, Dalene will share with participants how to build confidence by making conscious choices whilst sharing some anecdotes of decades of past years of business related travel.

Check out Dalene’s bio and keynote presentation HERE.

Rebecca Bradshaw

Workshop: Reacquainting yourself with you
This focuses on getting women to connect back with themselves. I help them to identify what their needs are, what lights them up and challenges them to identify how they are going to show up for themselves every day.

Workshop 2: Celebrating YOU, the Matriarch
This workshop focuses on CELEBRATING you, the matriarch! You are not lost. We offer space to pause, reflect, recognise and celebrate the woman you are and the many identities/labels that you have, not just the one of mother.

Check out Rebecca’s bio and keynote presentation HERE.

Danielle Mitchell

Workshop: From vision to Voice – Building an authenic brand identity
Danielle is the Communications Manager for CatholicCare Central Queensland. In some circles, the word ‘branding’ might evoke images of cattle and heated irons. However, in this 45-minute session, attendees will explore a different kind of mark-making: establishing an authentic brand identity. Through activities designed to pinpoint a brand’s ideal audience and craft a unique story that resonates, attendees will leave this intimate session equipped with practical tips to help their brand stand up, stand out and connect with those that matter.

Helen Commens-Kidd

Helen is a budding photographer tucked away down in the desert country of Windorah. Through fire, floods, drought and losing loved ones she has found a way to talk about grief in a healthy way and where to channel her energy. Living remotely is not isolating at all for Helen and with nature by her side, husband, and son she lives the best way she knows how.

Workshop: ‘That’s so nearly a great photo…’ Simple steps to think like a photographer and improve your camera phone photos
Photography is so accessible today with everyone having a camera within their phone. So often Helen sees someone’s social feed and think ’that is so nearly a great photo’. It’s about lighting, composition and exposure. Join Helen as she takes you through some simple ideas and rules to improve your photos for memories and recording everyday life. She’s not going to talk about f-stops and ISO – just simple ways to create photos you love.

Workshop: AFTER THE RAIN – Navigating through grief to help yourself or people close to you.
Grief is so seldom spoken about, can be awkward, scary and difficult to know what to say to others. We will all experience grief in our lives, yet we often struggle with understanding the difficult and deeply personal experience. The long road that is grief is hard and requires resilience and coping strategies to get to the other side. When life turns to shit for you and someone else, there are a few things to remember that may help you or someone you love navigate the hard times

Nicole McClure

Nicole has worked across a variety of different specialty areas, including Paediatrics and Paediatric Critical Care, School Nursing, Primary Care and Diabetes Education during her more than 20-year nursing career. She joined the Visiting Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) Program (a joint collaboration between Diabetes Queensland, the Western Queensland (WQ) PHN and CheckUP, providing services to support and improve care for people with diabetes in regional and remote areas of Western Queensland) at Diabetes Queensland in 2019. Nicole has a passion for promoting equitable and accessible care for people living with or at risk of diabetes, and a strong interest in using quality improvement principles to remodel health care to meet the needs of individuals and communities.

Workshop: Spotlight on diabetes: knowing your risk and taking control.
This session will shine a light on the warning signs and key factors that contribute to risk of developing diabetes. We’ll discuss practical tips to help you to take control of your health and reduce your risk. Already living with diabetes? This session is also for you. Find out the easy steps and supports available to help you to live well with diabetes.

Musician Mick Lindsay

Workshop: Singing Workshop with Mick
Join Mick and learn how to belt out a tune! During this workshop, Mick will be providing instruction and guidance of singing principles whilst harnessing your inner performer. Participants can later choose to preform their song to the rest of the ladies!

Atete Panui: Atete’s Hawaiian & Polynesian Shows

Atete Panui as a solo artist, an historian of Hawaiian Culture. She is “Kumu Hula” and choreographer /singer/song writer who uses her gifts to share the “Aloha Spirit”, which is love. Her “Haumana” (group of dancers) learn at the Punahele Hula Halau in Bli Bli Queensland. Here she has connected with several indigenous groups since 2004 providing jobs for the Kananka on the Sunshine Coast.

Workshop: Hula Dancing
Learn an entire hula dance, like a real Hawaiian in just one lesson! Learn a spirit- driven chant and open your voice up to the heavens.