Program of Event
Keynote Speakers

Rebecca Bradshaw

Child health nurse, Rebecca Bradshaw is passionate about access to health services – no matter the postcode. Specialising in child health from nought to five, the 37-year-old launched her online telehealth platform, Rural Child Health at the beginning of 2021 – designed to give rural and remote parents the support and education they need to raise their families.

Living on a beef cattle property near Queensland’s Jackson with her diesel mechanic husband, Clancy and their two young sons Rebecca knows just how isolating raising a family in the bush can be.

The nurse offers digital parent groups and webinars, as well as one on one virtual appointments to help parents with everything from breastfeeding and health concerns to sleep and settling.

Rebecca was inspired to become a nurse when she was just seven-years-old, after her father suffered a serious farming accident. Watching how the nurses helped her dad recover, Rebecca grew determined to help others in a similar fashion.

Rebecca is one of our guest speakers, and will also be running workshops over the weekend.

Main Stage Presentation: The journey of womanhood

Our journey in womanhood takes us through many seasons!  Each season brings its own challenges and joys and Rebecca will be talking about how we can thrive, not just survive these seasons.  Rebecca will share with some of her personal journey through motherhood with a focus on trusting yourself and advocating for you!  Why you need to prioritise your mental health and well-being as well as practical way to overcome the barriers to accessing services. Most importantly, we will chat about practical, achievable, relatable strategies specific to rural, regional and remote lifestyles for self-care (spoiler alert.. bubble bath’s is not the answer).