Program of Events Workshops

Information from our 2019 event. Check back in closer to our 2021 event for more details.

This year, as always, we have a variety of workshops to suit all interests!

Our arts workshops are listed on our Red Ridge Artsbreak Area page, so jump across there if you are looking for workshops of the arts variety.

Workshop: ‘Surviving the juggle’

Living a standard life is busy enough, but throw in a few extra children, financial strain, your own personal life goals and a business idea, and you have a serious challenge on your hands.  The juggle to finding how best to meet the needs of those you love, your business and your own personal goals is a tough one and not easily found without a high degree of chaos at times.  Join Joy McClymont, Grazier, mother of 4, fitness trainer and Managing Director of Off The Track Training – a virtual health, fitness and lifestyle program and community – for an insight into the journey to discovering how to survive the juggle that is life with family, business and self-worth.

Workshop: ‘Learn what makes us tick’

We’re different.  All of  us.  Very different. You like to sit and think – but your partner likes to talk, non-stop.  You’re a born get-up-and-goer but you’ve married to someone who has never got up and gone anywhere without being pushed. Why?  You declare in frustration that you’re opposites, that you’re like chalk and cheese and that you just can’t figure it out!

In this workshop, Allison Mooney will talk about personality differences, how people are wired and what makes people tick.  Learn how to press all the right buttons to create unity and harmony in your relationships with family, friends, workmates and neighbours.

Workshop: ‘How to build a summer capsule wardrobe that works for your lifestyle’

Creating a capsule wardrobe is the secret to always having something to wear. Nikki Parkinson, of Styling You, will show you how to build a capsule wardrobe – a collection of garments and accessories that all work together to create different outfit options – so that you save on wardrobe space, make better shopping choices, and minimise your environmental impact.

Workshop: ‘8 basic laws of bush health’

Founder of Sober in the Country, Shanna Whan, will run a fun, interactive, laid-back workshop on the ”8 Basic Laws of Bush Health”. It will include her own firsthand experience of a journey from near death to health. In the end it wasn’t even nearly as hard as she imagined.

Workshop: ‘Explore your sensual side’

Women often have long to do lists and sex and self-pleasure is usually placed at the bottom. In this workshop Sally Barnett, founder of women’s pleasure store Mojoco, will discuss the importance of placing value on your sex life. She will also run through a range of fun products for women and couples. You will be sure to learn something new and have a giggle!

Workshop: ‘Hormones and a Head for Happiness’

Menopause seems to be one conversation that is a bit of a challenge for women to discuss openly and is fraught with conflicting information. So let’s talk about it and gets some clarification.  Timna Wright, Wellbeing Out West Co-ordinator with the RFDS, will utilise her nursing expertise and spend a few minutes describing the physiological changes that occur during menopause helping women understand what exactly is going on in their bodies.  Karen Sherlock, Senior Mental Health Clinician, will follow with a discussion about the impacts these changes can have on our mental health and how we can manage it.  She will provide several practical ideas on coping and looking after yourself during what can be a really tough time for women.

Workshop: ‘doTERRA rest and relaxation workshop’

In this workshop, Helen de Chastel will go over which essential oils can be used when our minds and bodies need support finding that much needed rest and relaxation. Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications, and their benefits aide with relaxation, sleeping, focusing or just a boost of energy.

Morning Fitness Activities

With water aerobics, yoga, jungle fever and mahragnat, you’ll have plenty to choose from for your morning fitness!

‘Gentle Flow Yoga’ & ‘Power Yoga Flow’

Steph will be leading a Gentle Flow Yoga class incorporating calming, cooling and tension release postures. Great for beginners, those with injuries or who just need to slow down. She will also be leading a Power Yoga Flow which incorporates higher intensity, heat building postures. In the energy of both classes, you’ll find peace, space and an opportunity to let go of tension and quieten the mind.

‘Jungle Fever’

Mel will be leading a Jungle Fever class, which will be sure to get your heart pumping on Saturday and Sunday mornings! A combination of Burni and Konga, Burni is a choreographed dumbbell sculpt workout that will shape, sculpt and improve muscle tone across your upper body and core. Konga is an easy to follow high intensity fusion of boxing, cardio, dance & sculpting, for the fit to the uncoordinated.

‘Morning Mahragnat’

There is Zumba and dance fitness classes but then there is Mahragnat…Mahraganat dancing is a local style of dancing found on the streets of Egypt. It’s wild, crazy and fun. In a style where anything goes, prepare yourself for something a little bit different than your average morning exercise class.