Program of Events Workshops

In 2021, as always, we will have a variety of workshops to suit all interests.

Our Creative Workshops are listed on our Red Ridge Artsbreak Area page, so jump across there if you are looking for workshops of the arts variety.

As well as Creative Workshops, additional workshops are being held by each of our keynote and guest speakers, as well as workshops from many of our entertainers. See below list of workshops available on the weekend. These are also listed under our Program of Events page.

Brooke Hanson

Workshop: Strong Women Don’t need Muscles

Saturday 1:30pm at the Main Arena

In this workshop, Brooke will talk to embracing what’s important through passion, purpose, love, leadership and finding internal strength to persevere in the face of your biggest challenges. Brooke will provide tips for juggling the daily pressures of the full workload and expectations on women to be wonder women.

Workshop: Living Your Best Life

Sunday 9am at the Main Arena

Breaking down the external and internal pressures women are feeling and the added strain it puts on every aspect of your life and how you can find “YOU” again. Brooke will discuss the importance of mindfulness, exercise, mental health and energy management and the incredible impact they all have on you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Rachel Downie

Workshop: You Are Not Your Selfie

Saturday 3:30pm at the Main Arena

Rachel will share how our online interactions have the ability to influence our mental health, our perception of reality and our self-worth. How can we have a cyberwellness balance in family, work and play?

Bec Fing

Workshop: Time management: Having your cake and eating it too

Saturday 3:30pm at the Mounting Yard and Sunday 10am at the Main Arena

Bec Fing really does believe you can have your cake and eat it too… if you get your sh*t together. She also know that there is no such thing as good time management… it’s good self management! Bec believes there are 4 key steps to getting life on track and keeping it there and she will share these during this workshop.

Louise Gronold

Workshop: A night photographic adventure under the stars

Saturday 9pm – Meet at the Main Arena

This night photography workshop will teach you how to capture the night stars and find your creative adventurous side with various long exposure fun including sparklers, steel wool and light painting. Bring your camera, a torch and sense of adventure. A tripod is essential – or rig up some other sort of stable, eye height assembly, so you can take part!

Pathways to Resilience

Pathways to Resilience is a not-for-profit trust, delivering workshops and programs to schools, families and communities that support wellbeing and build resilience.

Workshop: Welcome to the Calm Within

Sunday 10am at the Mounting Yard
An interactive self-care workshop facilitated by Sonia Moloney. This session will cover core principles and learnings from Neuroscience and apply them to the practice of self-care. You will learn new ways to work with your brain and body to manage stress, and build a bank of grounding, regulating experiences that can help bring you back to a state of calm clarity.

Workshop: Parenting with the Brain in Mind

Saturday 9am at Grey Gables
In this session we cover the basics of children’s brain development that every family should know – including what happens when children experience stress and other big emotions, and how to teach them to self-regulate and grow their resilience.

South West Hospital and Health Services

Sharon, a Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurse Practitioner, has attained her Masters in Sexual and Reproductive Health. She is passionate about sexual and reproductive health care, and feels it is an important aspect of holistic client centred care. Shellee, a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, has worked in rural and remote locations across Australia. Shellee would like to see women’s health issues become less taboo so we can support each other to find the help required, while providing a basic level of service locally.

Presentation: Between the Nipples and the Knees

Saturday 5pm at the Mounting Yard

Drawing on their extensive experience in women’s health and wellbeing, Sharon and Shellee will cover the A to B of women’s health, as well as addressing topics that may be burning in the back of your mind.

Comedian Jenny Wynter

Jenny is known for her warm and spontaneous stage presence, with her trademark being improvised comedy songs inspired by the audience. She has appeared at festivals and venues all over the world including United Solo Festival New York and Woodford Folk Festival.

Workshop: Comedy 101: Unleash Your Inner Funny

Saturday 10:30am at the Mounting Yard

Jenny will run a fun, interactive workshop and provide an insight into how the professionals make it look so easy. It’s all about encouraging confidence, humour and individual creative expression.

Workshop: Laughter is the Best Epidural: Humour for Mental Health

Sunday 9am at the Mounting Yard

Take some time out and have a good laugh and a whole lot of fun with Jenny.

Singer/Songwriter Mick Lindsay

Mick is well-known on the country music scene, having developed a huge following for his unique fusions of country, rock, soul, funk and pop. Mick will be playing a mix of his favourite music and yours over the weekend, get ready to let your hair down, and enjoy the tunes!

Workshop: Voice workshop with Mick Lindsay

Saturday 1:30pm at the Mounting Yard & Sunday 9am at the Sewing Circle

Mick will be sharing some tips, tricks and voice exercises.

Rock’n’Roll Dancers Jean Mustafa and John Melhuish

Their love of 50’s style Rock’n’Roll will shine as they provide the crowd with entertainment over the weekend.

Workshop: 4 Step Rock’n’Roll 50’s Style

Saturday 10:30am & Sunday 9am at the Pavillion

Accredited Rock’n’Roll Dance teachers Jean and John will be teaching us some moves with their workshop. John and Jean have been teaching Swing and Jive, and four-step Rock’n’Roll dance classes for almost twenty years. They will step you through a fun and friendly dance workshop for people of all ages and ability.