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Wider Committee

Ashlee White

Stalls Coordinator, Cowrie Station, Birdsville Track

Ashlee has been apart of the CCLD since 2015. After attending the 2014 event at Betoota. “I was completely blown away by the event and the dynamic group of women who work so hard to keep it going for the rest of us. I knew I had to somehow be involved with these ladies and this fantastic event! Especially as after attending, I was able to take so much away from it.”

Having grown up in the Channel Country, Ashlee knows first hand how CCLD is such a blessing to woman like herself. “Women in general spend most of the year putting themselves second. Particularly women who live remotely; we spend all year assisting in property management both day to day and book work, we raise children and support husbands, brothers, sisters, put on our HR hats from time to time and also find time to cook, clean and be apart of our communities. Most women have a hard time taking off all those hats and spending time on themselves without feeling guilty. Events like the Channel Country Ladies weekend, give them a chance to come together with other remote women and temporarily shrug off all those responsibilities and recharge themselves.”


Betony Dawson

Social Media Coordinator, Cloncurry

Bet explains how she got involved with CCLD: “I was just helping out when I was working at Durham Downs and now I’ve moved away I wanted to stay involved with this years event to maintain my connection with the Channel Country.”

“Access to healthcare and support for women is the biggest challenge living in remote areas,” reflects Bet. “[CCLD] is one of very few opportunities Channel Country women get to access essential services and have a weekend that is dedicated to providing opportunities and new experiences.”

Bet is looking forward to CCLD 2017 especially to “See everyone come together with a willingness to share and learn from each other and make the most of the experience.”

More team members will be introduced shortly…