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Elizabeth Tate
Health Services Co-ordinator, Longreach

“I have been involved in CCLD for the last 2 years on a work capacity as a Physiotherapist and this year I have joined the committee. I joined the committee because I wanted to be of service to these wonderful women and working in the health sector I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that are faced with access and continuity of health services in rural and remote areas,” explains Liz.

Liz “believe[s] it’s imperative to have events like CCLD because it provides an opportunity for women to connect with old and new friends, to be empowered, to learn new skills and to have access to health and beauty services that they wouldn’t necessarily have access to. I think it’s empowering, energising, and uplifting and gives them a small window to bring out their inner women which can often be disguised in a ringer hat, work shirt, dusty jeans and ringer boots!”

Ashlee White

Stalls Coordinator, Cowrie Station, Birdsville Track

Ashlee has been apart of the CCLD since 2015. After attending the 2014 event at Betoota. “I was completely blown away by the event and the dynamic group of women who work so hard to keep it going for the rest of us. I knew I had to somehow be involved with these ladies and this fantastic event! Especially as after attending, I was able to take so much away from it.”

Having grown up in the Channel Country, Ashlee knows first hand how CCLD is such a blessing to woman like herself. “Women in general spend most of the year putting themselves second. Particularly women who live remotely; we spend all year assisting in property management both day to day and book work, we raise children and support husbands, brothers, sisters, put on our HR hats from time to time and also find time to cook, clean and be apart of our communities. Most women have a hard time taking off all those hats and spending time on themselves without feeling guilty. Events like the Channel Country Ladies weekend, give them a chance to come together with other remote women and temporarily shrug off all those responsibilities and recharge themselves.”


Kiri Broad

Raffle Coordinator, Longreach

“This is my 4th CCLD as a committee member. I volunteer as I love seeing the event come together each year, what it brings for many people and working with the other committee members who are a bunch of fun.”

Kiri explains the biggest challenges of women living in remote Queensland are: “Accessing information (technical, health related, personal etc) that is timely and cost effective. It can be such a challenge to know what is available out there and being able to access it. Very challenging when most major centres are coastal and a loooong way away.”

“As the Dixie Chicks say: “Wide Open Spaces”, beautiful landscapes, generous and down to earth people and a relaxed atmosphere,” are the best things about living remote for Kiri.


This year Kiri is most looking forward to “taking [CCLD] to a new region. I’m excited that people who it has been a little far from in previous years might be able to come this year and experience it for themselves. (And the Raffles- I like being the giver of gifts!!)”

Tahna Jackson
Workshops Coordinator, Dimbulah Far North QLD

This is Tahna’s first year on the committee and she is “really looking forward to being apart of the weekend.”

Tahna brings her personal insights of the CCLD event as a event attendee “Last year I was impressed by the CCLD committee’s professionalism and what was on offer for all types of women. For instance, the circus workshops was not my cup of tea, but I saw women who thoroughly enjoyed participating in these, which is why it is important to have a varied program to accommodate for different people.”

“Weekends like the CCLD hopefully empower ladies to be strong seek advice from professionals or maybe just make a new friend,” simple things which ladies in the Channel Country rarely have the opportunity to do.

Lisa McKenna

Beauty & Pampering Coordinator, Charleville

“This will be my 3rd year, the first year I attended as part of the RFDS and I have volunteered as the Beauty Services Coordinator last year and this year (however I could not attend the event last year due to my cancer diagnosis).”

“This weekend [is] about supporting each other with absolute no judgement, acknowledging and recognising everyone’s efforts in their lives, and being rewarded for being such amazing strong women and taking some well-deserved time to be who they are without responsibility for a small period of time. Taking time to step out of their comfort zone and try something new just for them, taking opportunities to learn and to grow in their personal interests, and time to celebrate who they are and their life daily!”

“I draw my inspiration from likeminded females in rural and remote areas who like me are wanting to strive to start their own business and be a successful business women, whom also live a holistic and healthy life. I also draw my inspiration from the CCLD events, when I first attended CCLD in Eromanga I was immediately taken in by the atmosphere of a group of women getting together celebrating and acknowledging the fact that we are women, women of the outback stepping strong through the tough times day in day out, supporting our families and partners in isolation with no recognition or reward.”

“[CCLD] is such a soul-nourishing event and I look forward to being involved in the makings of new friendships and memories, celebrating women and our accomplishments and throwing one remarkable CCLD event in 2017 for all women.”

Lorraine Kath

Merchandise Coordinator, Mt Leonard Station

“This will be my 5th CCLD and 4th as volunteer. I love working with the Amazing group of ladies within CCLD.”

“I believe one of the biggest challenges for women living in remote Queensland, is only having your kids with you for what seems such a short amount of time. Sending our kids to boarding school is the hardest thing, even though we know it is the best thing to do.” However, “kids growing up in the bush is the best thing. The people are amazing and friendly.”

“I think CCLD is a fantastic event for isolated women. It is weekend where they can connect with other women, make new friends, catch up with old friends and just be themselves.”

Ashley is “looking forward to being apart of the amazing team that brings CCLD to another remote community.”

Kristin Lawrence

Social Media Coordinator, Longreach

Moving from the Sunshine Coast, Kristin has lived in Longreach for 2 years working as a Dietitian servicing Central West district. Kristin recently got on involved on the committee, “After attending a CCLD event to deliver a workshop in Eromanga I was compelled to get behind and support such a significant event for the often forgotten remote women. ”

“The most important aspect of CCLD I believe is the ongoing impact, that is the connections, knowledge and inspiration each individual woman gains during the event is applied to their lives to improve their own and their families holistic health and wellbeing,” explains Kristin.

Betony Dawson

Social Media Coordinator, Cloncurry

Bet explains how she got involved with CCLD: “I was just helping out when I was working at Durham Downs and now I’ve moved away I wanted to stay involved with this years event to maintain my connection with the Channel Country.”

“Access to healthcare and support for women is the biggest challenge living in remote areas,” reflects Bet. “[CCLD] is one of very few opportunities Channel Country women get to access essential services and have a weekend that is dedicated to providing opportunities and new experiences.”

Bet is looking forward to CCLD 2017 especially to “See everyone come together with a willingness to share and learn from each other and make the most of the experience.”