Event Information
Event Information

Channel Country Ladies Day will be back – more spectacular than ever – in 2019

The next Channel Country Ladies Day will be held from 18th – 20th October 2019. The Committee are busy working behind the scenes this year not only on the next event, but initiatives that will have an even greater impact on the lives of women in the Channel Country.

President Michelle Reay says it is an exciting time for the Channel Country Ladies Day. “After six years of running an annual event, we understand what this has come to mean for the women of the Channel Country and want to ensure it can continue for years to come! So we’re taking this time to reflect and review our programming during 2018, to secure a long term future for this fantastic event”.

“We have another extraordinary fun filled weekend in the making for 2019. Packed with all of the highlights that women in the Channel Country have come to love. With plenty of laughter, learning, fantastic food and great company! A weekend teeming with ‘Inspiration in Isolation’. We’re keen to keep challenging the women who attend, in ways that only Ladies Day can”.

As for a location for 2019, this is still being worked through, however it’s likely to be in the southern reaches of the Channel Country. Michelle says “with the Channel Country being such a vast expanse, we move the event around so we draw women from the different areas each time. As we’ve been in the northern and western regions of the Channel Country with our last couple of events we’ll be looking to go south for our next event”.

The Committee are meeting in early June for a strategic planning weekend on a local property. Michelle says this time is being taken to really embed and plan for executing on a vision which will have an even greater impact on the women in western Queensland and extend the reach of the event beyond the weekend itself.

“We’ve got some grand goals for the next few years, creating even more opportunities for Channel Country women, so in many ways it feels like this is just the beginning for CCLD! We’ve recently employed our first paid position to complement and assist our volunteer committee, so this will help us grow” Michelle says.

“More than ever, I’m really excited for the future of the Channel Country Ladies Day, and looking forward to working with our long-term partners and supporters, and most importantly the women of the Channel Country, as we work towards our 2019 event and beyond”.


For further comment, please contact our spokesperson:

Michelle Reay

CCLD Committee President

0457 487 881 / 07 4655 4366



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Kristy McGregor

CCLD Media and Marketing Manager

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