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Keynote Speakers

Louise Fitzgerald-Baker

This year we have the pleasure of announcing that Louise Fitzgerald-Baker will be joining us as a guest speaker at this year’s event.

Louise is a globally respected speaker on entrepreneurship, financial resilience and wealth and wellbeing.

Working in market research and change management for 15 years and the property sector for over 16 years, Louise has a diverse range of private sector experience. But after a life altering event, she realised her version of success had become skewed and in seeking to correct it, embarked on a study that changed her life and that of countless others.

The author of the bestselling book, The Pink Hard Hat, Louise uses the construction metaphor to coach and teach about financial insulation. Her book was launched by NAB in 2018 and profiled by Sunrise on the 7 Network, and is about building a life of security, resilience and purpose.

You can read more about Lou on her website or check out Lou’s Pink Hard Hat Facebook Page.