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Jane Cay

Jane Cay is the founder and ‘Big Bird’ of birdsnest – an online fashion retailer with a mission to help women, across Australia and beyond, discover outfits they fall in love with.

After completing a commerce degree in Sydney, Jane joined the e-business team at IBM and had her sights set on a life in the big smoke. However, fate got involved when she fell in love with a farmer, moving to a sheep property on the NSW Monaro plains.

In 2004 Jane purchased a bricks and mortar clothing store in Cooma, NSW, population 6,500, and soon discovered that the notion of retail therapy was real. After four years of serving women on the shop floor, birdsnest launched online in 2008 with the vision to mirror the warmth and support found in-store.

Eleven years later birdsnest has grown to over 140 local employees and has sent out over 1 million parcels to customers all around Australia and overseas, all accompanied with a handwritten note.

birdsnest was named the 2019 Australian Retail Associations ‘Independent Retailer Of The Year’ and continues to use innovation to exceed customer expectations.

Jane will be delivering a keynote at the Channel Country Ladies Day on ‘Finding your Birdsong’, speaking to the birdsnest story, her personal journey, and what she has learnt along the way.