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Bec Fing

Bec Fing of House Paddock Training and Consulting has honed the craft of managing productivity out of necessity! House Paddock is a HR and WHS consulting business based in Goondiwindi which has kept Rebecca “busy” for over 15 years! More recently, Bec supports individuals and businesses in the space of strategy and personal effectiveness – putting a goal and plan in place and sticking to it! And area she believes is holding back potential!
She understands that to “enjoy” juggling family, life, business, hobbies and a side hustle, she needed to know all the hacks, tips, tricks and secrets to milk the best out of time. She has shared her time management learnings with over 1000 people through online programs, workshops and coaching. She challenges that fact that we “can’t have it all” and believes we actually can! Bec has a range of time management and personal effectiveness training and coaching products and has recently released a Productivity Planner – to help busy people have their cake and eat it too!