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Allison Mooney

New Zealander Allison Mooney is an award winning speaker and author. In 2009 she achieved one of the highest international accreditations in the speaking industry, the Certified Speaking Professional award held only by 10 other Kiwis and 750 speakers world- wide. Last year she was awarded the Global Speaker‟s Federation Fellow designation. Showing her ability to speak across, ethnicity, regions and cultures, she has spoken to over 80 international events in the past four years. Her best-selling book ‘Pressing the Right Buttons’ earned her ‘Author of the Year’ by the National Speakers Association of NZ. 

Prior to changing her career at age 40, she Managed the First Class Lounge of Qantas International and the Frequent Flyers lounge of Ansett New Zealand. She describes herself as a ‘people interpreter’ and has the Midas touch in being able to ‘speed read’ people, an essential skill both at home and at work.

We’re delighted to welcome our first international guest speaker. Allison will be delivering a keynote and workshop at the Channel Country Ladies Day.