Program of Events Health Services

Channel Country Ladies Day values health and wellbeing, so there will be a range of women’s health services available to you over the weekend.

Women’s Health Clinic

Dr Claire Schmidt and Jo Mahony (Nurse Practitioner) will be running a women’s Health clinic. This service includes skin checks, PAP smears, STI screens, breast health and menopause assessment. Please phone Charleville RFDS on 46541233, to make an appointment prior to CCLD.

Allied Health Stall

This year at CCLD, North and West Remote Health (NWRH) and Central West Health and Hospital Services (CWHHS) are sharing a stall to showcase the health services available to the region – sharing their breadth of knowledge with Channel Country Ladies! By partnering together for CCLD, this health services stall will be able to cover information and strategies across the ages for participants to keep themselves and also take home to their families, including how to access services.

On one end of the stall, CWHHS will be offering resources and information about speech therapy, occupational therapy, falls prevention and paediatric development. On the other side of the stall, NWRH will be covering a range of healthy lifestyle topics – from healthy eating to keeping physically active, with the aid of Bridget Algreen-Ussing (Dietitian) and Cassie Whatley (Health Promotion Officer). The NWRH section of the display will complement their workshop, with a particular focus on the Health at Every Size approach. The combined stall promises to be interactive, allowing opportunities for participants to assess their own mindsets, behaviours and understanding relating to their health and wellbeing. 

Mental Health

Looking after your mental wellbeing is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

With this in mind, Trish Mckenzie, Alex Donoghue and Gail Jamieson of RFDS Drought Wellbeing Service will be running a Health Information Stall at CCLD.  Trish, Alex and Gail are looking forward to sharing their tips to help you RELAX, RELEASE and REVIVE yourself atCCLD, as well as spreading the word about DWS mental health services in your region.

Be sure to visit the DWS stall to pick up your free relaxation kit. The DWS team will also be hosting the Morning Walk on Saturday. Look out for their red shirts and blue RFDS caps to join the walk!