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Core Committee


Michelle Reay


Durham Downs Station, via Eromanga

What brings Michelle back for another year?

“Seeing the profound impact this event has on the women attending and all the people volunteering to help with the weekend. There’s an energy created that is unlike any other event I have been to and I love being a part of something so positive.

Bringing just women together with such great attitudes and aspirations in remote locations like we do – with open minds and without judgement, just seems to generate infinite inspiration and connection that creates energy and motivation that keeps you going and going. It’s great to be part of a committee made up of such dedicated and diverse women.”

Maree Morton


Toowoomba based (but long time Innamincka local)

Maree Morton now lives in Toowoomba, but is a face many participants would know. She’s lived and worked in the heart of the Channel country for many years says “because of this I believe that I am a Channel County Lady,”.

“I would like to kept the connection I have with the Channel Country Community alive and I understand on a personal level what a Channel Country lady needs,” she says.

She’s attended six events, but says Jundah 2017 was her favourite.

Like everyone, Maree says she’s looking forward to seeing her family and the end of COVID-19.

“[This year] will be a great opportunity to see the virtual mediums come to life and all the wonderful things the committee come up with to engage with the community,” she says.


Di Dowrick

Services Co-ordinator


Di has been apart of CCLD for the last four years. “I find it very fulfilling to be a part of a committee with such commitment & passion to an Event. Witnessing the impact of the weekend on all the participants is very rewarding as well.”

Women living in remote Australia are faced with many challenges due to the isolating distances. However, Di has recognises how “the landscape, way of life and the resilience of the women and connection between people (even though the distance may be great) is remarkable.”

Di supports the importance for events like CCLD for isolated women. “Women spend all year looking after families, husbands as well as their role in the management of properties and events like CCLD give them a weekend solely for themselves to recharge.”

CCLD is about “inspiration in isolation”, so where does Di draw on for her inspiration? “From seeing the enjoyment and success of the event by all participants inspires me to try to make our next event even a little better. Also working with such a dynamic group of women on the committee is inspiration alone.”

Megan Miller

Program Co-ordinator


Megan recalls the attending the first CCLD held at Durham and in 2015 she decided to step up her involvement with CCLD. “I loved being on the committe and working with such an inspirational and passionate group of ladies. It is so rewarding to be a part of an event that has such a positive impact on rural women in the Channel Country.”

“Isolation and distance are an enormous challenge [for women in remote Australia] which is why CCLD is such a fantastic event, bringing women together from all over the Channel Country to share in a social weekend of fun and relaxation.”

Megan has been on the land around Windorah and Jundah for most of her life, she describes living in the Outback as “a great place for children to grow up and I love working in the agricultural industry.”

Megan explains the importance of CCLD event as it “facilitates the social and emotional wellbeing amongst isolated women presenting them with opportunities to meet other like-minded women as well as be inspired by something new.”

For herself, Megan is “inspired by the honest and passionate storytellers who are willing to share their experiences and the journey the followed to become who they are.”


Kristy McGregor

Media and Marketing Co-ordinator

Manakau, New Zealand

“I grew up in Camden, on the edge of Sydney. I spent a few years in the Channel Country. Now I live on a farm in New Zealand… but like to think I have a foot still in western Queensland (part of my heart is definitely there)!”

“My role [for CCLD] this year is as Media and Marketing co-ordinator, which effectively means leading how we connect with women in the Channel Country and further afield! My role has changed over the past six years from leading the Committee to doing the media role, but it’s still as much about making the event continue year after year. It includes grant writing, thinking up artistic offerings, amongst many other things.”

“I’ve been involved in CCLD since it’s inception. I remain committed to the event six years on because when I see the smiles on women’s faces, when I hear the laughter, and when I feel the sense of togetherness that being together with 200 other women on the edge of the desert brings, I know this is a worthy, valuable thing. It’s worth every amount of the significant volunteer hours and financial support that goes into making it happen… even when turning up at a dusty racetrack a few days before the event one is met with an overwhelming sense of what have I got myself into?!”