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Stall Holders

Expressions of Interest for stall holders interested in joining us for the 2019 event are now open.

The aim of the Channel Country Ladies Day is to provide an opportunity for women to partake in experiences rarely accessible in these remote regions; offering “Inspiration in Isolation”. We strive to give all participants a large variety of different stalls, goods and services to experience throughout the weekend; offering wares they wouldn’t have access to on a regular basis.

Our preference is showcase the businesses and endeavours of local Channel Country women, however we still welcome applicants from outside the Channel Country.

More details can be found in the below information package.

Stall Holder EOI Information Package 2019

Stall Holder EOI Application Form 2019

Please download an information package and application form, and return the form to our Stalls Co-ordinator at stalls@channelcountryladiesday.com.au

Expressions of Interest close on 30th April 2019. Please contact our Stalls Co-ordinator at the above email address should you have any questions.

Beauty and Health Services

Expressions of Interest for Beauty Services open on 1st June 2019, and for Health Services on 1st July 2019. We’ll be posting more details here as EOIs are released. 

In the meantime, please send your enquiry to our respective co-ordinators for an information package.

Beauty Co-ordinator: beauty@channelcountryladiesday.com.au

Health Services Co-ordinator: health@channelcountryladiesday.com.au